6 reasons Peregian Beach is Queensland’s new boom suburb

While once seen as Noosa’s smaller, quieter sister, this coastal suburb is booming thanks to its beachside position, great eateries and amenities, relaxing lifestyle, and enviable weather.

Peregian Beach is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after locations on the Sunshine Coast, and for good reason.

While Sunshine Beach remains the area’s most expensive suburb, prospective buyers are flocking to surrounding coastal towns which offer just as much in terms of lifestyle as some of the bigger suburbs.

“Peregian Beach has the perfect mix of chilled coastal living and sophistication. It has a very relaxed beach village vibe, while still offering outstanding dining and shopping options,” says Deborah Pescott, General Manager of Lotteries Commercial and Investments at RSL Art Union, who are currently giving away a multi-million dollar property in the area.

So, from its great weather to the fantastic shops, delectable eateries, proximity to Noosa, and of course, that beach, here are six reasons why Peregian Beach is fast becoming the boom suburb of Queensland.

1. Property prices continue to grow

In just a 10-year period, the small coastal town in Australia’s sunshine state had a population increase of 31%, driving up interest and values of rentals and properties across the area.

Investors had a 17.4% increase across their rental properties in the last year alone, while overall house prices have continued to rise roughly 10% year-on-year, making it an attractive destination for an investment property.

2. Strong demand for rental properties

Located within the sunshine pocket of Australia, Angus Moore, economist at realestate.com.au notes it’s no surprise Peregian Beach is the new boom suburb up north.

“The Sunshine Coast has always been a very popular area with strong migration from elsewhere in Australia,” he says.

The wider region remains a popular hotspot with Australians looking for a lifestyle change.

Peregian Beach is no exception to this trend, with strong demand for properties in the area expected to continue, while the rental markets remain “extremely competitive” in much of Southeast Queensland and the Sunshine Coast.

“People, particularly from Sydney and Melbourne, moved up to Southeast Queensland for a variety of reasons,” Angus says.

“Part of the story was just being closer to places like beaches, national parks, and larger dwellings that you can find in some of the more affordable areas in Southeast Queensland relative to Sydney or Melbourne.”

This demand for properties could work in the RSL Art Union property prize winner’s favour, because if they choose to rent out the property, they can do so for an estimated $109,200 per annum – that’s $2,100 straight income a week in rent.

The winner could also choose to sell it all and become an instant millionaire.

3. Great weather

“The Sunshine Coast has always been somewhere that people have moved. It has been very popular for the better part of a decade,” Angus says, noting it’s not hard to see why people flock to the coast with the most.

Indeed, the weather is a large attraction, with winters only getting down to an average of 19°C and summers around January averaging around 27°C with an average of 239 dry days a year – perfect for those days lounging by the beach or pool.

“Obviously the amenities the Sunshine Coast offers in terms of beaches, weather, and lifestyle are attractive to many people,” he adds.

“That’s part of why we see such strong demand to move there.”

The incredible weather is a drawcard for many buyers.

4. No hustle and bustle

The area is also known for its laidback vibes, surrounded with idyllic beaches, natural parks, artisan shops and markets and thriving music scene.

For those looking to make a permanent move, the area offers the beachy lifestyle with local amenities like grocery stores, public transport, education providers, sports clubs, and nearby medical practitioners all located within the Peregian Beach area.

Pescott says Peregian Beach has always been a favourite beachside destination, with its combination of great weather and peaceful lifestyle.

“It has everything you could ever want for a fantastic coastal lifestyle – a great beach, the fabulous shops and eateries of Peregian Square, and all the restaurants and cafes of Noosa are only 15 minutes’ drive away,” she says.

5. Proximity to Noosa

For those who want to enjoy the best of quiet coastal living with the option of a larger and more established hub close by, Noosa is just a stone’s throw away.

One of Australia’s most sought-after holiday destinations, property values in Noosa went up by 60% between 2020 – 2022, and with Peregian Beach just a 12-minute drive away, it could be an indication of what’s to come for the burgeoning coastal region.

Offering a range of attractions and amenities including Noosa’s National Park and Farmer’s Markets, a range of eateries along Hastings Street and Noosa Junction, and prime areas for boating across the Noosa River, it’s the perfect way to enjoy the touristy location from a relaxing base.

And thanks to RSL Art Union’s property prize where the lucky winner will win a Tesla Model 3 electric car valued at $79,510, you’ll be driving up to Noosa in style, while keeping it charged up with the charger unit already installed at the property.

Pescott is a fan, saying: “It’s such a quiet drive on the road, quite zippy and super stylish.”

6. Million-dollar views

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about Peregian Beach is the amazing beach house and a Tesla Model 3 valued at over $4.5 million that is currently up for grabs in RSL Art Union’s Draw 407.

Set over two levels, this stunning property is the quintessential modern coastal home, with the styling taking inspiration from the architecture and surrounding environment.

There’s an abundance of natural light and a sense of spaciousness throughout the home, while the furnishings make it an entertainer’s haven – not to mention the wellness studio, equipped with Reformer pilates gear to help keep your body and mind in shape.

The incredible views are included in this stunning home.

But it doesn’t stop there – you’ll enjoy 180° ocean views through the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and windows at the rear of the home, while downstairs, you’ll find a custom-made pool table, the wellness studio, a saltwater in-ground pool, fire pit, elevated deck and built-in barbecue.

It’s an amazing prize and it could be yours for just a $5 ticket. And it’s not just the winner’s life that will be changed forever – Every ticket purchased supports veterans and their families.

Article source: Queensland Property Investor

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