Live the good life now with hassle-free holiday homes at around $500,000 a share

While the idea of owning a luxury holiday home is a dream for many Australians, the property price and ongoing costs can be quite daunting, making that dream seem distant. However, with the arrival of Ko and its co-ownership model, you can now own a one-eighth share in a luxury holiday home for around $500,000, and make your dream happen sooner.

With Ko’s co-ownership model, the overall property value is divided into eight equal shares. Potential buyers can purchase up to four shares, with each share equalling up to 42 days a year, that can be booked dynamically throughout the year. Owners have equity in and true ownership of their property. They have an equal say in the property’s future and can relist the share for resale at the price they choose.

“We’ve just added several new properties to the Ko portfolio that are priced around $500,000 a share. This makes owning a holiday home more accessible for Australians that want to enjoy the luxury lifestyle now rather than years later,” says Ryan Fritsch, CEO and Co-founder of Ko.

For owners and holidaymakers, there are several benefits to co-ownership of a luxury holiday home with Ko, over owning a property outright.

#1 Less holiday hassles.

Managing a holiday home can be a bit of a headache the further you live away from it. From handling ongoing maintenance to utilities, insurance and cleaning between bookings, there’s much to keep on top of. With Ko, you hand all of that management responsibility over to its professional team, so that you can just enjoy the good life.


#2 Sweat your investment while you take it easy.

Sole owners of a holiday home often find they only use the property for a small portion of the year. Co-ownership makes your investment work harder for you at the fraction of the usual cost. You only pay for your share of a property, divide the maintenance costs between other co-owners and still have an equal say in future property decisions.

#3 Spice up your holidays with variety.

Why invest in just one luxury property as a sole owner when you can spread your investment across multiple holiday homes at various locations? Ko homes and its co-owners are eligible to access THIRDHOME, a network of more than 14,000 luxury homes worldwide. With THIRDHOME, owners can trade their unused time at their property for a different destination worldwide. Swap luxury for luxury, and open up your travel to more than 1,700 destinations.

New listings added in Queensland.

Ko already has numerous homes available around Australia, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia, and is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. The company recently added to its portfolio of luxury holiday homes with new properties in the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast in Queensland.

From an ultra-modern beachside residence with a rooftop entertaining terrace to an elegant waterfront urban resort with access to rich fishing grounds, there’s a luxury home to suit any coastal connoisseur. One thing these homes have in common is their price point for a one-eighth share. At around $500,000 per share, these Ko homes are helping more Australians live their dream of owning a luxury holiday home sooner.


You can browse through the latest listings and learn more about co-owning a luxury holiday home at

Article source: Queensland Property Investor