QPG Brings Relief to South-East Qld Industrial Land Shortage

The launch of Ipswich Industrial Estate has been tipped to provide relief to the surging demand for construction ready vacant industrial land in the Brisbane -Ipswich south-east Queensland corridor.

The 20ha site with more than 800m of prime frontage to the Cunningham Highway is being transformed into a four-lot subdivision. Each lot measures approximately 50,000 square metres.

Queensland Property Group (QPG) engaged the services of senior Queensland consulting firms to make this estate a showcase property in their portfolio.

Construction began in April this year with completion expected by late November. Zoned Regional Business & Industry Medium Impact (24/7 operations), the estate is on flood-free, freehold title land and will be delivered level, compacted and ready to build on.

Located on Chum Street, New Chum in Ipswich City, the estate provides vital and direct effective access to the three major national arterial road networks.

The three highways provide swift logistical movement to all national states, while the Brisbane Port is just 61km away.

The estate will provide prime frontage to the Cunningham Highway with a daily audience of approximately 36,000 vehicles. This is a strong executive feature for companies seeking maximum public brand exposure.

Current civil works include the completion to widen and upgrade Chum Street to a classification of Industrial Collector Road which will accommodate all heavy vehicle traffic.

An 11,400sq m existing industrial building with 14m internal height will remain on lot one, which will provide an investor the opportunity of refitting it for sole use or create separate factories for multiple tenants.

The benefits will attract genuine consideration from manufacturing, and logistics companies from both Australian and overseas.

Ipswich is now ground zero for south-east Queensland’s answer to the under supplied demand for industrial growth, a spokesperson for QPG said.

▲ A render of possible development on the now-available industrial estate at New Chum near Ipswich.

“The Queensland government’s recent regional report” projected Ipswich City with an increased population of 100 per cent within the next 14 years.

“The Ipswich labour workforce for the 1712 registered transport, postal and warehousing companies make up the second largest industry in the city behind the construction sector.

“Ipswich City boasts the largest residential housing growth in Queensland for the past years which brings with it a strong and younger growing labour force.”

Ipswich City Council Economic and Industrial Development Committee Chair Cr Nicole Jonic knows first-hand of the surge in the industrial business growth throughout the city of Ipswich, as well as the demand for it.

“It’s because Ipswich’s industrial precincts provide fast, direct access to the major national transport corridors,” she said.

“The planned inland national Melbourne-to Queensland rail freight line is another supporting reason that has the attention of both national and international logistic and manufacturing companies looking to re-locate here.”

The sales campaign has commenced and is being marketed by the exclusive appointed commercial agents The Anning Group.

Managing director Terence Anning said the lots are “priced to sell and sensationally competitive”

“The location and zoning tick every box when it comes to warehousing, manufacturing, transport, and logistical value.

“The region has grown so rapidly in the last decade and is now home to some of the largest Australian and overseas companies in the industrial warehouse, logistic and manufacturing sector.

“The stage is now set for massive expansion and growth in the region, bringing with it solutions for successful economic growth and profitability.”

Article source: Queensland Property Investor

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