SK2 Property green lit for Mermaid Beach development, Lavarack

SK2 Property, in collaboration with property owner Cavan Properties, has received development approval for their aptly named Mermaid Beach project, Lavarack.

Located at the corner of Lavarack Road and Albatross Avenue, the project aims to transform the existing site, currently home to BSKT Café, into a mixed-use development that preserves the café while introducing luxury apartments.

The 95 sqm café, which has been a staple of the local community since 2013, will remain an integral part of the new development, with Cavan Properties, who originally built the café with the community in mind, committed to retaining its operation, in harmony with Nobby’s beach lifestyle.


The strategic location of the development is noteworthy, as it forms a crucial link between the proposed Nobby Beach light rail station and Mermaid Beach. This connection will undoubtedly enhance the accessibility and vibrancy of the area.

BDA Architecture designed the six apartment project with a focus on spaciousness and ocean views. The layout features a two-apartment-per-floor arrangement, with exceptions being made for the ground floor and the top residential level which homes the penthouse.

Each of the apartments main indoor living areas and bedrooms are oriented toward the street frontage, in a bid to capitalise on the ocean views.

Crowning the building is a rooftop terrace, which serves as a signature cap to the building. The private recreation space, exclusive to the full storey penthouse below, includes a pool, sundeck, sunken terrace, and a barbecue area with dining and lounge seating.

The south-western corner of the building will house essential facilities, such as a laundry, powder room, plant room, internal staircase, lift shaft, and fire stairs. The perimeter of the building will incorporate planters, continuing the green space upward and reducing the perceived bulk and scale of the structure.

Article source: Queensland Property Investor