Time Warp Home: One of the last untouched Queenslander’s for sale

One of the state’s last original pre-war Queenslanders has hit the market for the first time in more than three decades.

Aptly named ‘Orrleigh’, after local timber-man John Orr who built the home in 1904, 27A Brisbane Rd, Newtown, has retained much of its heritage.

It remains mostly untouched, with few modifications made to the home’s five bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Owners Neil and Rose Sugars, both 75, have lived in the home for 34 years and have raised all of their three children there.

Mr and Mrs Sugars have been forced to move due to Rose suffering from a stroke and becoming unable to climb the home’s many steps.

“It’s a quiet home, it has got a lot of land around it. 90 per cent of the blocks are built at the front of the block where as ours is built at the back,” Mr Sugars said.

“Christmases, birthdays with all the kids and grandkids, there is certainly plenty of room here.

Mr Sugars said he hoped the new owners retained the homes heritage rather than demolishing it as the previous owner was planning.

“The fellow that had the property before me was a dentist and they had plans with the council to build 29 units and demolish the house,” he said.

“There is few original Queenslanders around Ipswich, most have been sold off and subdivided.

The home was previously housed pilots during the war as there wasn’t enough accomodation available.

“It has taken people a long time to realise Ipswich is a nice town. One can get everything here that you can get in Brisbane and nobody is in a big rush to do anything.

“You can always find a park here, whereas in Brisbane you’re better off leaving the car at home and parking is too expensive, of course.”

The home is named after local timber-man Tom Orrleigh who built the home in 1904.

Despite the multiple opportunities to move elsewhere, Mr and Mrs Sugars said they would be staying in Ipswich.

“Everything we need is here,” Mr Sugars said.

One of five of the generous sized bedrooms.

Property agent Moses Nguyen from NGU Real Estate said the home was one of the most iconic in Brisbane.
“You won’t get any opportunities like this out at Ipswich, the current owners have owned the property since the mid-80s,” he said.
“The house was split into four at one stage and housed pilots during the war because there wasn’t enough accomodation available.”

Mr Nguyen said he put the house on social media two years ago and saw so many comments from locals who recognised the home.

Much of the home’s older features have been retained.

“Historically speaking the home has got a character overlay and falls short of being heritage listed,” he said.
“It’s clear that the new owner is going to be home of a busy professional. It’ll be a barrister or a lawyer who lives in the local community, principal of the grammar school or a multigenerational family.”

Article source: Queensland Property Investor