Women in construction building a new future

In recognition of International Women’s Day, a local female property developer Lorna Willis celebrates the growing number of women rising up through the construction industry on the Sunshine Coast.

Founder of WOW Group and WOW Property Women, Lorna Willis has reflected on her career journey and recognises and is thankful for the culture and attitude changes in the construction industry that has encouraged more women to seek out careers in this industry, be supported to grow their skills and have their talents embraced.

Founder of WOW Group and WOW Property Women, Lorna Willis.

“Having pioneered in the building and construction industry for over 40 years I have experienced a lot of changes, one of which is the number of not just young women but women of all ages who have made a choice to start a trade or profession in the industry,” she said.

“Most women are great multi-taskers and planners, and their skills bring a nice balance across the board.”

“It’s fantastic to see more and more female plumbers, carpenters, electricians, project managers, developers, construction managers and more. on sites all across Australia,” Ms Willis continued.

Now in a position to lead major development projects, Lorna is not only demonstrating what’s possible for women in the industry, she is also mentoring and supporting others who want to enter construction, property development and investing through her group WOW Property Women.

“WOW Property Women was established to help women overcome their fears and build confidence, to empower and uplift with knowledge and share ‘real deal’ Experiences.

We wanted to enable women to buy property or building projects with a view to start their own portfolio and work towards establishing their own financial independence,” she continued.

Ms Willis’ most recent project is the Buddina development Lowanna Beach Resort, valued at over $100 million that she is bringing to fruition with fierce determination, hard work and support from a large number of other women in property and construction.

“The idea for Lowanna Beach Resort started with three women who had a vision to create homes with great design, adding significance and elegance, and surrounded by beautiful beaches and the benefits of urban amenities,” she said.

Now well into its construction phase, Lowanna Beach Resort, located in the coveted ‘golden triangle’ of the Sunshine Coast, is the region’s first beach resort in almost 15 years and will feature three residential towers, 5 commercial units and the first purpose-built laneway that connects foot traffic between the beach and urban centre – Sandy Toes Lane.

The Lowanna Beach Resort project is managed by One PM Group who have two dynamic and experienced females at the helm.

Project Manager Tamara Burow has worked in the construction industry for over five years and said it’s great to see roles for females expanding.

“We have three male directors who are incorporating more females into construction positions which is great. We have females in areas from accounts through to project management, we are encouraging more female directors and we want to bring another female graduate on board,” she said.

Ms Burow said it’s about equality, not just ticking boxes to meet quotas.

“We’re all working together to promote females in construction. Now that we have female developers leading the way, it’s an opening for all genders to grow together and combine our best qualities to create the best work.”

Ms Willis gave thanks to the women who have paved the way to make these opportunities available.

“Hats off to all the women that have gone before us and those who set new precedents in all areas of the industry. To the leaders who are now mentors adding value to the women coming up through the ranks.”

Article source: Queensland Property Investor

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